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Planning To Take A Vacation And Wondering Where To Travel? Think India!

A country with illustrious history, opulent culture and priceless heritage, India is one country where various religions and faiths exist in absolute peace and where deep-rooted traditions, age-old rites and rituals co-exist with advancement of Science and Technology in complete harmony.

A land where guests are regarded as gods, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, a trip to India is an experience of its own kind! People here epitomize the meaning of ‘caring and sharing’ and are overwhelmingly welcoming, warm, helpful, friendly and generous.

A perfect destination for holidaying with enough to lure the hearts of the tourists, India has all you could ever want on a holiday… snow-clad mountains, beautiful golden deserts, serene beaches, calm backwaters, wildlife destinations, pilgrimage sites, historical monuments, royal palaces and medieval forts!

As we travel across states in this vast country, diversity in terrains as well as culture, difference in local attires, the accents which vary with language and region are all hard to go unnoticed making India a diverse, dynamic and vibrant country.

The North and the North-eastern states offer lofty snowy mountains, lush green forests, awe-inspiring rivers and amazing flora and fauna. The Southern states are delightful with their serene beaches and roaring oceans dotted with shimmering islands. The Western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are home to scorching desert and flaunt rich, colourful and vibrant culture.

India being multi-cultural and multi-religion celebrates countless number of festivals. While some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, others celebrate religious occasions. All festivals however have one thing common for sure… the prayers offered to respective gods and the blessings sought. Each festival entails performance of a set of rites and rituals.

While many festivals are celebrated with equal fervor and zeal throughout the country, there are many festivals which are celebrated locally in states or regions. Only if you could manage being at the right place at the right time you would be celebrating one festival or another each day of the year with merriment and jubilation.

And this is not all! Since times immemorial India is known to be the land of the mystic where meditation and yoga have been a way of life for saints and sages, who have preached the spiritual and medical benefits of the same ever since.

Even today we have various health resorts and meditation centres where one can learn yoga and meditation, making trip to India a unique and enriching experience for both mind and body!



Modern India

Known world over for its age-old traditions, the ancient form of medicine, the ‘Ayurveda’ and the centuries old practices of yoga and meditation, India has a modern side too which blends easily and perfectly with the inherited customs and traditions.

Cities in current India are comparable to the metropolitan cities of the world with attractive skyscrapers, myriad flyways and well equipped shopping mega malls offering an exhaustive choice of branded and designer products.

Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the major industries being textiles, chemicals, steel, cement, mining, software and tourism.



India is the world’s largest producer of movies with over 1000 films produced and about four billion movie tickets sold each year. India’s Bollywood and Bollywood actors are famous world over. And it’s no surprise at all that the Bollywood movies are dubbed in many languages and are watched even in far off lands.


Medical Tourism

India has some of the best hospitals and treatment centres in the world. With strong infrastructure and advanced technology, India offers best of the facilities at highly competitive costs making it one of the most favourable destinations among people world over for their medical needs. The most sought treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care.


Wedding Tourism in India

A lot many foreigners are tempted to come to India to have their dream weddings. Because of the country’s rich rites and rituals and a plethora of exotic destinations and romantic venues, India lures tourists wanting to realise their dreams of having a fairy tale wedding.


International Cuisine

Chinese chowmein, Japanese sushi, Afghani naan, French bread, Italian pizzas… practically every international cuisine is available in most if not all cities.

Though roadside hawkers and small time ‘dhabas’ might offer those with typical Indian spicy ‘tadka’ for the local palettes, a number of hotels and restaurants in metropolitan cities make foreign tourists feel right at home with the authentic tastes.



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