Advertisement Policy Guidelines

1.      We believe in providing safe environment to all our users. Hence, we strictly prohibit the introduction of malware, spyware and spamming techniques.
2. does not allow the promotion of adult/objectionable content.
3.      We only accept ads that contain family safe content.
4.      Transparency and honesty are core principles that we strive to abide by. We do our utmost to be open and honest with our users and expect advertisers to do the same. Hence, practices like cloaking, gaming, phishing etc. are strictly prohibited.
5.      Creatives/Display Ads are to be provided by the Advertiser.
6. does not allow ad text that uses incorrect usage of words, incorrect grammar or spelling; inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation; or repetition of words or phrases.
7.      All Ads are reviewed and approved before they are displayed on our portal. This is to ensure they are safe and appropriate for users and meet our advertising policies.
8. reserves the right to disapprove an ad or stop display of an ad.
9.      If your ad gets disapproved you will be intimated through E-mail. You can edit it as per the Ad policy guidelines and re-submit it for review.
10.  In case an Advertiser wishes to terminate the contract, the Advertiser will be reimbursed for the remaining months. There will be no reimbursement for the month running.


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