How To Reach Allahabad

By Air

Nearest Airport: Allahabad has its own airport, Bamrauli Air Force Base, which as the name indicates, is essentially an Air Force Base and is linked to Delhi and Kolkata only by Jet Airways and Air India.

Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport at Varanasi (125 Km) and Amausi International Airport at Lucknow (238 Km) are better connected with various commercial flights.


By Bus

Allahabad is well-connected by road. Several buses ply for Allahabad from nearby cities and towns.


By Rail

Allahabad falls on Delhi-Kolkata and Mumbai-Kolkata rail route and hence is well-connected by trains. The city has four railway stations.

Daragang Railway Station, near confluence of Ganga and Yamuna

Prayag Railway Station, near University

Rambagh Railway Station, at City Centre

Allahabad Junction, the Main station

During important religious festivals and fairs, another temporary railway station known as Prayag Ghat is made functional for better management.


Trains from Delhi to Allahabad

TRAIN NAME                         ORIGIN                   DEPARTURE TIME              DESTINATION           ARRIVAL TIME

JAT MURI EXPRESS              SUBZI MANDI                        04:11                       ALLAHABAD JN                    15:30

KALKA MAIL                       ADARSH NAGAR, DELHI          05:48                       ALLAHABAD JN                    17:20

NANDAN KANAN EXPRESS   NEW DELHI                           06:30                       ALLAHABAD JN                    15:10

MAHANANDA EXPRESS        DELHI                                   06:40                       ALLAHABAD JN                    17:55

NORTH EAST EXPRESS         ANAND VIHAR TRM               06:50                       ALLAHABAD JN                    15:40

SEEMANCHAL EXPRESS        ANAND VIHAR TRM               07:40                       ALLAHABAD JN                    16:50

MAHABODHI EXPRESS        NEW DELHI                           14:10                       ALLAHABAD JN                    22:40

POORVA EXPRESS              NEW DELHI                           16:20                       ALLAHABAD JN                    02:20

SHIV GANGA EXPRESS        NEW DELHI                           18:55                       ALLAHABAD JN                    03:35

JHARKHAND EXPRESS        ANAND VIHAR TRM               19:50                       ALLAHABAD JN                    04:20

MAGADH EXPRESS             NEW DELHI                           20:10                       ALLAHABAD JN                    05:10

SWATANTRAS EXPRESS       NEW DELHI                           20:40                       ALLAHABAD JN                    05:35

UNCHAHAR EXPRESS          SUBZI MANDI                       20:57                       ALLAHABAD JN                    11:20

ANVT REWA EXPRESS         ANAND VIHAR TRM             21:15                       ALLAHABAD JN                    06:30

PRAYAG RAJ EXPRESS        NEW DELHI                         21:25                       ALLAHABAD JN                    06:45

PURSHOTTAM EXPRESS     NEW DELHI                          22:20                       ALLAHABAD JN                    07:25

BRAHMPUTRA MAIL          DELHI                                  23:40                       ALLAHABAD JN                    08:25



Note: 1. It is advisable to book travelling tickets, cabs and accommodation in advance, since during Kumbh mela the inflow of tourists is more than the available facilities.

2. Motorised vehicles are banned during the main bathing days so one shall be prepared to walk. It is actually impossible to drive in the chaos.

3. One must obtain Photographer’s Pass if one wants to click pictures without any hassle.



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