Palampur is a small, gorgeous, enchanting hilly resort with heavenly vistas and captivating charm.

Situated on the confluence of plains and hills, Palampur presents contrasting and intriguing views. Popularly known as ‘Green valley’, Palampur derived its name from the 'pahari' word ‘pulum’ which means water and rightly so as water is what has given the place its character.

Countless streams and brooks criss-cross the landscape and add to its beauty. It is the abundance of water which makes Palampur ideal for tea plantation. And it’s here that internationally acclaimed Kangra tea is grown which is marketed under fancy brands like Malhar, Rahaar, Darbari and Bageshwari, all names of classical Indian ragas.

To throw a little light on Palampur’s historical background, originally, it was a part of the Sikh Kingdom of Jalandhar and came to limelight only in the 19th century when the British noticed its aromatic freshness and salubrious climate and converted this sleepy hamlet into bustling centre of trade and commerce. The British have left behind their impressions in the form of stunning colonial mansions, palatial bungalows et al.





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