Garba during Navratri

Talking of Navratri, we just cannot miss out on Garba and Raas dance, which make it all the more happier affair! Where during the Navratri, the elderly are wholeheartedly into fasting and rituals, it is this celebratory part of Navratri which the younger lot looks forward to with excitement!

Garba and dandiya dances are performed in various places in the country, though the most highlighted ones are Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Mumbai.

Garba is a Gujarati dance characterised by intricate circular formations that represent the lotus and other auspicious symbols. Men, women as well as children, dressed up in colourful traditional attires replete with mirror work and embroidery, dance in huge circles around idols of the divine mother.

Garba is followed by Raas, one of the most impressive and fun-filled dances in India, where dancers line up in two rows facing each other and dance with colourfully draped sticks, known as dandiyas, in their hands. Each person dances with a partner, both hitting their dandiyas together while performing synchronised footwork.

Raas is then followed by Aarti each night where devotees sing a devotional song in praise of the deity.



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