Adventure Sports in Goa

Goa is unarguably a paradise for those who love adventure sports. A trip to Goa is incomplete without availing atleast a few of the plethora of opportunities it offers.

With a long beautiful coast, lush Sahyadri Hills running through the state and innumerous operators offering a range of activities, Goa remains a favourite hub for water as well as land sports.



Parasailing is one of the most wonderful sports allowing one to literally have a bird’s eyeview of the surroundings and beyond.

Here one is tied by a long harness to the parasail on one end and to the boat or jeep on the other end. Depending on the type of parasailing the automobile (boat/jeep) paces ahead and lifts the person in the air inflating the parasail.

There are two types of parasailing – beach parasailing and winch-boat parasailing.

In beach parasailing one is launched from the beach and lands back on the beach while in winch boat parasailing one takes off from a winch-boat and lands back on the winch boat.

Besides, whereas in beach parasailing a duo can go together, winch-boat parasailing has to be taken solo.


Where To Go For Parasailing In Goa

Calangute-Candolim, Miramar, Mobor, Arossim, Cansaulim, Utorda.


Season For Parasailing in Goa

All round the year except monsoons.


Jet Skiing

If you love speed and water, then Jet skiing is the sport for you.

One of the most popular sports amongst youth, Jet skiing, definitely sends adrenaline rushing through the veins of the skiiers.

The high powered and simple to use machines tempt one to go far and fast though one must restrain and stay limited to the predefined area.


Where To Go For JetSkiing In Goa

Arossim, Calangute, Candolim, Miramar, Mobor and Rajbaga.


Season For JetSkiing In Goa



Speedboat Rides

Speedboats are powerful motor boats with a seating capacity for 3 to 6 persons. For those who are funloving and enjoy speed, speedboat rides are enthralling.

One can go for a 10 min speedboat ride or go for a longer ride including a dolphin trip or trip to an island closeby.


Where To Go For Speedboat Rides In Goa

Speedboat rides are available on all major beaches.


Banana Rides

Banana rides as the name indicates is a ride on a 6 seater banana shaped contraption which is towed by a speedboat. Kids love banana rides as they go rolling over waves and ripples caused by speedboat.


Where To Go For Banana Rides In Goa

Banana Rides are available on all major beaches.



Water Skiing

Water skiing is another thrilling sport taken by the adventurous and the energetic. In water skiing one plants each foot firmly on each of the two narrow boards and is tied by the harness to the speeding boat which pulls one ahead. Water skiing requires little practice and stamina.

The operators train one till he gets it right. It’s important to keep the posture correct and flexible.


Where To Go For Water Skiing in Goa

Water Skiing is available on most major beaches like Arrossim, Calangute, candolim, Utorda, Mobor and Rajbaga


Knee Boarding

Knee boarding is similar to water skiing, the difference being that the knee board has slots for knees. One has to set knees in the knee slots. Knee Boarding is easier than water skiing as it involves lesser focus on balance as compared to water skiing.


Where To Go For Knee Boarding In Goa

Available on Candolim, Mobor and Rajbaga.


Wind Surfing

Wind surfing is a sport for the fit and for the adventurous. One of the little difficult sports to learn, windsurfing requires a little patience, determination, sincerity and a good instructor.


Few operators offer a 3-day or 5-day training course.


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