The only hill-station in Madhya Pradesh, the central state of India, Panchmarhi is a beautiful holiday destination situated in the saucer-shaped Satpura valley in Hoshangabad district.

Discovered by Captain James Forsyth, a British officer of the Bengal Lancers, Panchmarhi soon became a sanatorium and summer capital of the Central Provinces of India. The town is dotted with nostalgic remains of Colonial architecture in the form of Victorian bungalows, churches and cemeteries.

Surrounded by low-lying red sandstone hills and dense forests, Panchmarhi is an offbeat hilly retreat with unspoiled wilderness and more or less untouched terrains.

However what distinguishes Panchmarhi from other hill-stations is its abundance of water spots. All around you can hear the gurgling sound of the lively streams and cascading waterfalls.

Far away from the madding crowds, Panchmarhi, is a calm and pleasant hill-station and also a pilgrimage with shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva hidden in deep ravines and cliffs.


Panchmarhi is believed to have derived its name from the five Buddhist rock-cut caves which are believed to have provided shelter to the ‘pandavas’ during their exile.



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