Bhandardara is a small holiday resort located about 170 Km from Mumbai. A small but beautiful place to be in, Bhandardara is a perfect place to have a quiet and refreshing holiday.

Bhandardara means ‘valley of treasures’ and Bhandardara is blessed with immense natural beauty which is indeed an invaluable treasure! Surrounded by Sahyadri on all four sides, Bhandardara offers magnificent views all around.

This little place reflects harmony all around through the lush green vegetation, roaring waterfalls, blue lake and salubrious climate.

Bhandardara offers plenty of trek and hike routes to those seeking adventure. Though the peak season is from November to April, Bhandardara is at its loveliest right after the monsoons revive it’s numerous waterfalls and bathe the flora.

Many spots form good attractions for tourists.


Places to Visit in Bhandardara

Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam is one of the prime attractions of Bhandardara. Wilson Dam is visible from a distance as you approach Bhandardara. Wilson Dam was built by the Britishers to provide irrigation to the Ahmednagar region. Constructed across Pravara River the dam, named after the then Governor of Bombay, Orme Wilson, fors a beautiful sight.



Arthur Lake

Arthur Lake is another prime attraction in Bhandardara. A lovely blue lake in midst of dense lush greenery of Bhandardara, Arthur Lake offers an amazing spectacle.


Mount Kalsubai

Bhandardara offers spectacular view of Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra. The 1646 metre high Mount Kalsubai is a favourite amongst the tough trekkers who are not deterred by its daunting height. A small temple with an old well is located at the peak. Its said that the water level in the well never goes below 3 feet.


Agastya Rishi Ashram

As per the Puranas (ancient Hindu literature), a revered sage, Agastya Rishi, stayed and meditated in Bhandardara for a long time surviving only on water and air.

It’s said that God was impressed by his ardent devotion and blessed him with a stream of the holy river Ganga – Amrit Vahini, now known as Pravara River and flowing through the hillocks of Bhandardara multiplying its beauty manifolds.

It’s said that Lord Rama when in exile had visited Agastya Rishi who gave him a blessed arrow with which Lord Rama killed demon king Ravana to rescue his wife Sita.

Agastya Rishi Ashram is the place where the sage lived while here and today it is a popular tourist spot.



In Bhandardara, right after the monsoons, numerous waterfalls are revived, of which Randha Falls are most popular. Said to be the third leading falls in India, Randha Falls form a spectacular view. Here, the falls are formed by the River Pravara falling into a beautiful gorge from a height of 170 feet.

Another beautiful and popular waterfall is Umbrella Waterfall which is formed when the gates of the dam are opened and water falls over the rocks making it look like a partial umbrella.


Amruteshwar Temple

50 minute boat ride from Arthur Lake is Amruteshwar Temple, a thousand year old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Dating back to 1100AD, Amruteshwar Temple is an intricately carved black stone temple built in a distinct Hemadpanthi style (an architecture style named after its founder Hemadri Pandit.)


Bhandardara Fast Facts

Distance from Mumbai to Bhandardara: 170 Km

Distance From Igatpuri to Bhandardara: 45 Km 

State: Maharashtra


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