Jaisalmer is one of the most exotic, famous and unusual towns in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Located in the heart of the Thar desert, Jaisalmer is also known as The Sun City or The Golden City, after the beautiful golden hue the reflection of sun’s rays on the golden sands, lends to the yellow sandstone used in the construction of the city.

Jaisalmer was founded in 1156 AD and is one of the oldest cities of India. The city was named after its founder, Rawal Jaisal, a Bhati Rajput ruler.

Jaisalmer lay on Silk Route and because of its strategic location on the ancient camel trade route across the Thar desert, the town was an important trading centre in ancient times.

Due to its unique, strategic geographical location, Jaisalmer never came under the direct rule of the Mughal Sultanate, although annuity was paid to the Delhi Sultan.

Jaisalmer, overall had an amicable relationship with the Mughals and tinges of Mughal architecture can be seen nicely blended with the rich Rajasthani architecture.

The town revelled in the glory of the wealth the trade brought in, the evidences of which still stand tall in the form of dominating fort, exquisite Jain temples and a number of splendid Havelis… all of which make world famous tourist attractions today.

Despite its harsh climatic conditions, this sandy, scorched city is visited by scores of tourists from world over who are lured by its rich cultural heritage, deep-rooted traditions, captivating folk music and breathtaking folk dances. There are a number of places to see in Jaisalmer.


Legend of Jaisalmer

As the legend goes, Lord Krishna, a Hindu deity who was the head of the Yadav clan, had foretold Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, that a remote descendent of the clan would build his kingdom atop the Trikuta hill.

The prophecy was fulfilled when Rawal Haisal, a Bhati Rajput ruler and a descendant of Yadav clan, founded Jaisalmer in 1156 AD and built the world renowned Jaisalmer fort atop the Trikuta hill.


Fast Facts, Jaisalmer

Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer: October to February

Altitude of Jaisalmer: 738 feet

Distance to Jaisalmer from Delhi: 766 Km

Distance to Jaisalmer from Jaipur: 567 Km

Distance to Jaisalmer from Bikaner: 330 Km

Distance to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur: 272 Km


How To Reach Jaisalmer

By Air

Nearest Airport to Jaisalmer: Jodhpur (265 Km)

Nearest International Airport to Jaisalmer: Delhi (770 Km)

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station to Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer Junction

By Bus

Jaisalmer is well-connected by buses to Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer and Delhi.

Buses are also available from Jodhpur and Delhi Airport.



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