Panch Shilas, Badrinath

Around Tapt Kund are located five blocks, collectively called Panch Shilas, substantiating different mythological stories.

Narad Shila

Located between Narad Kund and Tapt Kund is a block of stone called Narad Shila where sage Narad is said to have meditated for several years.


Narsimha Shila

Close to Narad Shila, standing in the waters of Alaknanda is a huge stone resembling a lion with its gaping jaws and hooked claws. It’s said that Lord Narsimha after killing the demon king Hiranayakashyap remained here in the form of a stone forever.

Barah Shila

A boar shaped rock believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Garud Shila

Garud, the carrier of Lord Vishnu, is said to have fasted and meditated here.

Markandeya Shila

On the advice of Sage Narad, Sage Markandeya is said to have settled here in Brindavan and meditated on this stone.



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