Dharohar, A Cultural Event

Bagore Ki Haveli is now home to a museum of traditional puppetry that holds puppet shows and music and dance performances every evening.

The cultural event, Dharohar, is held at Neem Chowk inside Bagore Ki Haveli and showcases the rich music and dance culture of the Indian state of Rajasthan.

With beautiful well-lit haveli as backdrop, the event showcases a fine display of the seven mesmerising folk dances of Rajasthan.

The event begins with a music show followed by Gauri Dance, originally performed by Bheel tribe of Rajasthan. Gauri Dance is an enactment of fight between Goddess Amba and demon Bhiamwal and lauds the triumph of good over evil.

Gavri dance is followed by Chari Dance, a traditional dance form performed by women of Gujjar community of northern Rajasthan. The dance performance charms the audience who are captivated by the women dancing carrying ignited brass pots on their heads.

Terah Taali dance is another distinct folk dance, originally performed by Kamada tribe of Rajasthan. ‘Tehra taali’ literally means thirteen beats. Tehra Taali dancers tie a musical instrument called ‘manjeera’ on different parts of their body and charm the audience by playing it in thirteen different styles.

Next in line is the enthralling puppet show, popular amongst one and all!

Ghoomar is said to be the traditional dance of Rajasthan’s Royal families. Women of the royal families dressed up in colourful clothes and revelled in the glory of this beautiful dance at the family events. The women dance in circles with their faces covered with neck long veils.


Timings: 7 PM to 8 PM



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