Chail is one of the smallest and least explored hill-stations in India. Known for its scenic beauty and idyllic weather, Chail makes an ideal destination for nature lovers and for a quiet vacation away from the bustling city life.

A delightful combination of dense forests, heavenly mountains and beautiful waterfalls attracts the tourists and tempts them to venture into unexplored hilly terrains of Chail making it a hiker’s paradise.

It was after the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder singh, was banished from Shimla, for a romantic flutter with an English lady, that he decided to develop a hill-station of his own and made Chail the summer capital of Patiala.

Known for his exquisite and opulent life style, Maharaja of Patiala made the place a royal retreat. He built a regal palace along with hunting and fishing lodges, a cricket pitch which is highest in the world and a polo ground for their comfort and leisure.


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Retaining its pristine and captivating charm, Chail has sprawling lawns, flourishing orchards, a lover’s hill and children’s park, offering something to one and all.

Originally, Chail was part of Keonthal state and then came under the command of Gorkha warrior Amar singh until the Maharaja decided to acquire and declare it as his summer seat.

Chail is spread over 72 acres and three adjacent hills – The Rajgarh hill, where the Maharaja’s palace, now converted into a heritage hotel, is situated; The Pandhawa hill, where the British guests stayed; and the Siddh Tibba where temple of Siddh baba is located. 

Unlike most other hill-stations, Chail does not have a Mall. A small cluster of shops pass off as Chail town or Chail market. 

Chail is undeniably a hiker’s paradise and offers various hikes. One can go for long nature walks and spot both animals and birds which can be quite fun except for the mischievous monkeys which need not be incited to attack and are always ready to pounce over to snatch whatever one is carrying.




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