Places to Visit in Chail

Rajgarh Palace

Built in 1891, Maharaja’s palace was magnificent with its opulent and elaborate furnishings.  The palace was handed over to Himachal Government by the royal family of Patiala in 1972. Now, the palace has been converted into a Heritage Hotel maintained by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC).

Rajgarh Palace is a must visit for a brief view of its elaborate furnishings and a peep into the sheer luxury and affluence the royal family lived in. Though visitors are restricted beyond the front area, the sprawling lush green lawns with benches are a nice place to sit and absorb surrounding views of mountains.


Gurudwara Sahib

Located 1 Km ahead of Chail bazaar, Gurudwara Sahib was built in 1907 AD. Though it is a small building with a tiny courtyard, Gurudwara Sahib, Chail, is the most important place of worship in this former domain of Patiala.


Siddh Baba ka Mandir

Situated on Siddh Tibba, Siddh Baba ka Mandir is a small temple complex of various temples dedicated to many Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Close to the Cricket Ground, the temple is a simple but revered structure where lot of believers visit during occasions. Else, it’s a quiet place and at times not a soul is to be seen or heard.

It is said that the Maharaja of Patiala actually desired to build his palace here, Siddh Tibba being the highest peak flanked by the adjacent Rajgarh hill and Pandhawa Hill on each side.

However the plans changed and the Maharaja decided to instead build a temple here when a sage appeared in his dream and advised against it saying that this was a sacred spot.


Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Declared as wildlife sanctuary, Chail’s forests are home to quite a few animals and birds like barking deers, ghorals, sambar, red jungle fowl and highly endangered Kaleej pheasant.

The wildlife sanctuary stretches from Krishna River to Giriganga and houses around 200 small villages. Machaan like structures are built here and there to facilitate viewing of animals.


  Those keen to get a glimpse of the animals are advised to take their positions by 5 AM.


Chail Cricket Ground

The world’s highest cricket pitch, Chail is renowned for, is well maintained and offers splendid views.


Things to Do in Chail



Bird watching

Nature walks


Chail Fast Facts

Best Time to Visit Chail: All year round

Distance to Chail: 350 Km from Delhi

Altitude of Chail: 7050 Ft above sea level



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