Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is one of the scenic beaches of Goa. Located around 55 kilometres from Panaji, the capital of Goa, Arambol beach is the second northernmost beach in this beautiful beach state of Goa, the northernmost being Keri.

This beautiful stretch of 16 kilometres, commonly known as Arambol beach is actually divided into two Arambol and Harmal. Of the two, Harmal beach is generally perceived as more beautiful owing to its cliff formations.

The cliffs and headlands found in the area offer adventure to the tourists in form of paragliding making Arambol one of the best places in Goa for paragliding.


Arambol Beach is both rocky as well as sandy beach and has a small Paliem beach at the foot of Waghcolamb Hill where a freshwater lake is located. The Jungle is home to diverse wildlife and a huge Banyan tree which can be seen on many postcards of Goa.

Arambol is traditionally a fishing village and still remains so. One still comes across fishermen when on a visit to Arambol. These local fishermen offer Dolphin watching trips to the tourist at a very reasonable price adding to fun.

The secret of Arambol’s pristine beauty and unspoilt beach is the successful campaign of the locals against the construction of big hotels. This in other words means that Arambol beach has very reasonable and basic accommodation, which in turn has attracted lots of foreign tourists over the years who come to stay here for long.

Arambol beach has a Bohemian feel and the shacks lining the beach offer a range of cuisines. While Arambol beach still remains popular amongst hippies it is fast becoming a favourite picnic spot among natives and domestic tourist.

So it comes as no Surprise that lanes leading to Arambol bear enumerable body painting, tattoo artists, yoga and meditation, shiatsu and reiki signs all around. Here one can relax and sunbathe or go shopping from the shops close by.


Surf Club Arambol Goa

Surf Club Goa is situated in the palm grove between Arambol and Mandrem. A 15-minute walk or 5 minute bike ride from Arambol Beach, Surf Club Goa offers adventure sports, live music, free Wi-Fi, a lounge bar, a restaurant, guest houses, cottages and chalet.


Keri Beach

About 10 kilometre walk from the Arambol Lake is Keri beach lined by Tiracol River. Keri Beach is the northernmost beach of Goa. This small casuarina fringed beach is one of the quietest beaches of Goa where hardly any tourist come by except for maybe an occasional day picnic.



Things To Do at Arambol Goa

Indulge in Adventure sports like windsurfing, kite surfing, kite buggying, sand-speed sailing, Boogie boards at Surf Club Goa

Go paragliding from Waghcolomb Hill over the lake

Go on dolphin watching trip

Buy Souvenirs


Visit the nearby Keri Beach


Where To Stay At Arambol

There are not many hotels and guest houses at Arambol Beach. Towards the North of the beach there are a few seaside hotels however if you are looking for a luxurious hotel it would be wise to stay elsewhere and pay Arambol a day visit.

The accommodation at Arambol is basic. A few huts have also been converted to guest houses. Of those while many are empty houses given on rent the others have modern furnished kitchen and wash rooms.


How To Reach Arambol

The road to Arambol beach is narrow so driving and parking a car is not really the best option. It is better to hire public transport or a bike/scooter to reach Arambol.

By Air: Nearest airport is Dabolim airport (60 kilometres or 1.5 hrs)

By Road: Hire a bike/scooter or car. Also many buses ply from Chopdam and Mapusa.



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