Vagator beach in Goa is one of the few Indian beaches which are more popular amongst foreign tourist than the domestic lot.

Vagator is the northernmost beach in the Bardez Taluka of Goa. A beautiful beach with magnificent Chapora Fort in the backdrop, famous red cliffs and two fresh water springs close to the sea, Vagator is quite different from other Goan beaches.

Vagator’s headland serves as a huge car parking area. Closeby various shops, selling trinkets, clothes, handicrafts and eatables are located.

When you stand facing the sea, on your right is what is known as Big Vagator or North Vagator and on your left is the Ozran Beach popularly known as Little Vagator beach. Between the two is a tiny beach, cut off from Ozran, known as Middle Vagator Beach or Tel Aviv Beach.

North Vagator Beach is safe for swimming and has a lifeguard unlike its smaller brother Ozran which has stronger and unpredictable undercurrents.

Interestingly, many restaurants here at Vagator have their menus in English and Hebrew tacitly indicating the number of visitors or backpackers from the Mediterranean and western countries .


Places to Visit at Vagator, Goa

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is located atop a hill at Vagator beach. A Bollywood movie buff would easily identify the fort from its grand appearance in many hit movies like ‘Dil chahta hai’ and ‘Khamoshi’.

Chapora Fort was built way back in 1717 and is sadly in ruins today. What’s left of it is basically its ramparts which also are crumbling at points.

Despite the withering effect what makes Chapora Fort worth a visit or a director’s favourite are the delightfulk and splendid views it offers from all its sides.

One can reach the fort from either roadside or seaside and the views are simply worth the climb!


Vagator’s Springs

Vagator Beach is different from most other beaches in Goa because of its red cliffs and two fresh water springs located very close to the sea. When at Vagator it is simply worth visiting the springs here.

While one fresh water spring is located hardly 100m from the sea at the foot of a hill at North Vagator Beach, the other spring is located at Ozran Beach and is little hard to find. The latter is best reached by asking for directions from the locals.


Shiva’s carved face

As one heads further south of Little Vagator Beach, one comes across a big boulder with a beautiful carving of Lord Shiva’s face which is sure worth a look of appreciation.


Where to Eat at Vagator

Vagator has a few popular and nice restaurants, cafes and bars, offering good food and music.


Nine Bar

Nine Bar is one of the popular clubs in Goa. Located atop the cliff at Ozran, Nine Bar offers splendid sunset views.

Nine Bar has an indoor and outdoor dance floor. Sticking to the rules, the outdoor dance floor closes at 10pm and that’s when the party moves in!

Besides the usual drinks one can choose from an array of cocktails and mocktails.

Nine Bar plays wonderful trance music and has many international DJs playing all night during peak season.



Primrose is one of the favourite hubs of trance lovers. Famous for its electro and trance music, Primrose is located at Vagator beach and needs no address as one can reach there by simply asking for directions by name.

Primrose, Goa, has a large dance floor lit with neon lights forming a psychedelic ambience. Right outside reflective clothes are sold which add to the effect.

Though today it is not the same as it was a few years back, Primrose still remains a favourite amongst loyalists who swear by its music, food, service and ambience.

Parties at Primrose begin at 6PM and carry on till morning light.


The Alcove

Alcove Bar and restaurant is located at The Alcove Beach Resort at Ozran beach, that is, The Little Vagator.

Located at the cliff of the Little Vagator, The Alcove offers a beautiful view. The restaurant Alcove existed even before the resort came into being and still holds a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in Goa.


Bean Me Up

Bean Me Up is a popular restaurant at Vagator which comes up during the tourist season in Goa and mesmerizes its guests with delightful vegetarian multicuisine food.

The restaurant is very aptly named as dishes, made from a variety of beans and their products like tofu, seitan and tempeh, from various corners of the world are served here.

With a backdrop of Jungle Garden, Bean Me Up offers ambient environs where monkeys and peacocks are also seen having a good time.

Bean Me Up also hosts local as well as international artists every now and then. 


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