Miramar Beach

Miramar beach is one of the popular and most visited beaches in North Goa, India. Miramar beach is located on the very end of Panaji, earlier called Panjim, where this capital city of Goa touches the Arabian Sea.

Easily accessible by main road leading to Dona Paula from Panjim, Miramar beach is the city’s recreational area where both locals and tourist come in the evening to relax by the seaside and relish city’s street food.

This palm-fringed beach with glistening golden sands is mostly quiet during the daytime and is bustling with activity during evening and walkers in the morning.

Not very far from here is the point where Mandovi River meets the Arabian Sea. From where the river meets the sea the beach stretches uptil the National Institute of Water Sports located at the base of the Cabo Palace or Raj Bhavan hillock.

It is safe to swim at Miramar which is guarded by lifeguard except for the area near the Mandovi.


Miramar is prime area of Goa with posh residential colonies and elite schools & educational institutions. There are a number of luxury and mid range hotels and restaurants on the beach.

Miramar beach offers spectacular view of the sea and the nearby Aguada Fort built by the Portuguese. A visit to Panaji mostly includes a stop at Miramar.

Originally Miramar was named as Porte de Gaspar Dias by the Portuguese. Miramar in Portuguese stands for ‘View of the sea’ evidently after the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea this beach offers.

Between November and March a number of migratory birds come to the beach making Miramar all the more attractive to visitors, specially bird lovers.

Miramar beach is heavily commercialized with a number of shops selling handicraft items and souvenirs. Miramar beach is most crowded during weekends.


Dona Paula

To the south of Miramar is Dona Paula known for an islet hillock where stands the Dona Paula monument linked to the mainland by a small bridge and quay.

Close by on the island is a belvedere known as Dona Paula View Point from where one can enjoy the splendid view of the sea and the river Zuari. Close to the viewpoint is the Donna Paula Jetty from where regular ferries are run during the peak season.

Dona Paula has gained and retained it’s fame after various legends which float around amongst the locals and are repeatedly told to the tourist and for being the location of a few Bollywood movie scenes like from the popular movies ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ and ‘Singham’.

Pertaining to the attained fame, Dona Paula fast became a tourist spot. However this is not all! Dona Paula remains popular for the water sports facilities available here. For adventure lover Dona Paula is an excellent choice with a number of water sports it offers like water scootering, motorboating, angling, kayaking, yachting, boating and para sailing.


Dona Paula beach is home to National Institute of Oceanography. Dona Paula actually includes three beaches, Dona Paula beach, Hawaii beach and Vainguinim beach.

Hawaii beach at Dona Paula is 200 metre long stretch located close to jetty. This is where Goa most sailing activities take place.

Vainguinim Beach, Dona Paula, is long and is almost covered by the 5 star Resort Cicade De Goa while still being accessible from both the ends.

Along the beaches in Dona Paula come up various shacks and shops during the tourist season which sell everything from eatables and beverages to clothes.

There are quite a few luxurious resorts and restaurants in Miramar and Dona Paula.


Dona Paula Legend

Mingling with the locals or having a guide to go around make the visitors apprise of the various legends floating around. As per one of the most popular legends associated with Dona Paula, Dona Paula was the daughter of Portuguese Governor of Goa who fell in love with a local boy, Gaspar Dias, from a humble fisherman’s family.

When they could not be united in marriage as per the traditional societal norm they gave up their lives by jumping off a rocky island hillock hoping to unite in death.

While Dona Paula’s body was found at what was named after her as DonaPaula, Gaspar Dias’s body washed up at Miramar which was named after him too by the Portuguese as Porta de Gaspar Dias.


Cabo Palace, Goa

Cabo Palace, Goa, was once known as Palacio De Cabo and was the official residence of the governors general. Currently it is the official residence of the Governor of Goa and undoubtedly remains one of the most beautiful Raj Bhavans in India.

Cabo Palace Goa is home to a number of magnificent antique items which enhance it’s beautiful architecture and interiors.


Cabo Chapel or Rajbhavan Chapel

What is famous as Cabo Chapel is a small beautiful 500 year old Chapel located in a corner of the Cabo Palace.

Cabo Chapel is open to the public for morning mass on Sunday and midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Close by, a few steps down is a grotto with an altar dedicated to Saint Paula. The Feast of Grotto is celebrated every year on 2nd of August.


British Cemetery

Close to the gate of Raj Bhavan is an old British Cemetery which marks one of the few imprints of the British left here during their shop stint with Goa from 1799 to 1813.



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