Places to Visit at Anjuna Beach

Albuquerque Mansion

Built in 1920, Albuquerque Mansion is famous for its magnificent architecture and is visited by scores of tourists.

Mascarenhas Mansion

A beautiful structure with magnificent architecture, Mascarenhas Mansion was built during Portuguese rule and is popular ever since for its characteristic ‘Balcoes’ (Balconies).


Mount Chapora Fort

Mount Chapora Fort was built by Adil Shah – the ruler of Bijapur and thence became popular as ‘Shahpura’, town of the ruler. The fort was meant to serve as border watch-post and was raided and captured a no. of times by various rulers, the last of whom were Portuguese who captured it in 1617 and rebuilt the structure strengthening its utility by digging a number of tunnels for safe getaway in case of emergency.

Deserted by Portuguese in 1892, today the fort is in ruins!

One can see the head of two tunnels which served as supply routes for soldiers. Also, on the southern slope of the hill are seen various tombstones scattered over an area.

Accessible by road, the fort offers splendid views of Anjuna and Vagator beach and is worth a visit!



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