Places to Visit at Bogmalo

Sao Jacinto Island

Sao Jacinto Island is a small island with a picturesque chapel and old houses. The island houses an old tower up the hill which was probably a lighthouse during Kadamba period. In the middle of the village is an ancient spring which caters to the drinking needs of the villagers.



Popular amongst the locals as San Antonio, Chicalim is an islet with a crucifix on it. Locals gather here to collect clams from the shallow waters at low tide.


Issorcism Beach

Popularly known as Hollant, Issorcism is a tiny beach completely bereft of tourists.  Particularly popular for fishing, all you will see here are villagers and fishermen.

The beach has no accommodation for stay over and there is only one restaurant, the Copacabanana Bar and Restaurant, which is also closed most of the time.

However, if lucky, you will be able to see plate coral which grows when the water is remarkably clear. This is the only place in Goa besides Grande Island where this rare species grows.



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