Dudhsagar Falls

Located close to Palolem Beach on Goa-Karnataka border are India’s fifth highest falls in the world. Perched atop lofty heights of Western Ghats, Dudhsagar falls are situated amidst beautiful lush-green surroundings.

Dudhsagar means ‘Ocean of Milk’ and the falls derive name from the mist of milky foam that rises up, from the bottom of gushing falls.

From a distance, falls appear like milky streams and gradually cascade into a gushing waterfall. Dudhsagar falls are one of Goa’s most attractive and visited picnic spots. Despite being perilous due to slippery rocks, it is a popular spot for trekking, camping and hiking.


How To Reach Dudhsagar Falls

By Train

Dudhsagar falls are accessible by either foot or train from Vasco or Margao.

Dudhsagar railway station is on the rail route connecting Londa in Karnataka to Vasco in Goa.

A train to Londa halts at station Collem to pick up passengers for Dudhsagar. One can take a morning train up to the falls, spend a few hours of fun and frolic there and then catch a train back in the afternoon. The train journey offers excellent views and takes one to the top of the falls where there are a couple of pools tempting visitors to swim.

By Road

Journey to the falls by road is advisable only from the month of January through May, when the water level in the river recedes, allowing jeeps to pass through.

The bumpy jeep ride through the forests and shallow waters is an experience in itself! The drive is followed by 15-20 min walk to the base of the falls.




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