Places To Visit At Palolem

Pandavas Drum

Located near Palolem Beach in Goa, close to International Grand Resort, is a natural wonder known as Pandavas Drum.

Located in the scenic backdrop of Western Ghats and green valleys, Pandavas Drum is a large cup-shaped rock famous for producing a strange resonating drum-like sound when hit over on a particular spot with a stone.

The area around is generally associated with many interesting legends from the era of Mahabharata. It’s believed that the Pandava brothers had halted here briefly while passing through. Locals around are always keen to share legendary tales with the visitors.


Figueiredo House

Figueiredo House is one of Goa’s largest heritage homes. Built in early 20th century by one Figueiredo family, Figueiredo house is now a part of Neptune Hotel.

The house is a must see for its magnificent architecture and interiors. It houses an impressive collection of beautiful archaic furniture and porcelain that really deserves appreciation.

Home to furniture pieces from Macau, chandeliers from France, glassware from Belgium and a lot of Chinaware, Figueiredo house is beautifully done up and represents an interesting blend of Indian and Portugal heritage.

Many of the articles enhancing the interiors of Figueiredo House were made to reflect the confluence, of the two traditions, that has been the hallmark of Goa.




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